glass of leelanau Vada Color condensed 2 MB.jpg
Glass of Leelanau
from 30.00
Dune Mill Pond.jpg
Dune Mill Pond, Pastel, 18 x 22
Evening Iris.jpg
Evening Iris, Pastel, 12 x 13.5
Lovers at the Lighthouse.jpg
Lovers at the Lighthouse, 12 x approx. 10, pastel
Impending Storm.jpg
Impending Storm, Pastel, 9 x 11 pastel
An Arbor and Iris, 18 x 18, Pastel c Linda Alice Dewey phone pic.jpg
Iris Farm
from 25.00
Race on West Bay.jpg
Race on West Bay
from 13.00
Clearing Autumn Skies Too.jpg
Clearing Autumn Skies, Too
from 32.00
Leelanau's Resources.JPG
Leelanau's Resources, 9 x 12 pastel
Grandmother Maple 6 x 9.JPG
Grandmother Maple
Spring Barn at Port Oneida, 12 x 18.jpg
Spring Barn at Port Oneida, Pastel, 12 x 18
Water Play  11 x 14 2017.jpg
Water Play, 11 x 14, Pastel
from 30.00
The Regulars VC corrected.jpg
The Regulars
from 37.00
Big Toy, LIttle Toy.jpg
Big Toys, Little Toy 9 x 12 Pastel
from 30.00
Under the Hood (2).jpg
Under the Hood
from 30.00
Last Stand.jpg
Last Stand
Day Light, 24 x 30, 1996001.jpg
Day Light, 24 x 30
Disappearing Barn on M-72.png
Disappearing Barn on M-72
from 32.00
Winter Dusk on the Bay  9 x 12 on pastel board.JPG
Winter Dusk on the Bay, 9 x 12, Pastel
Awesome VC.jpg
from 30.00
Spring Fling, Pastel, 11 x 14 2015.JPG
Spring Fling, 11 x 14, Pastel
Glen Haven, 16 x 20 Pastel.jpg
Glen Haven
from 30.00
October at Good Harbor.jpg
October at Good Harbor Bay, 9 x 12, Pastel
Down the Dunes,  24 x 36, copyright Linda Alice Dewey, 2001002.jpg
Down the Dunes
from 32.00
Honey and Hubie small.png
Honey and Huey
from 30.00
Float Boats 9 x 12.jpg
Float Boats
from 30.00
Spectacular Sunrise edited.jpg
Spectacular Sunrise
from 30.00
Twilight Talk, Pastel, 14 x 11.JPG
Twilight Talk
from 30.00
The Girl You Are, Pastel.JPG
The Girl You Are, 4.5 x 6.5, Pastel
No Wake edited.jpg
No Wake
from 30.00
Van's Beach.jpg
Van's Beach--Seizing the Day! Pastel,
Fall Manitou View.jpg
Fall Manitou View
from 30.00
Shimek's Corner, 11 x 14 Pastel.JPG
Shimek's Corner
from 30.00
Evening  Conversation at Old Settlers.jpg
Evening Conversation at Old Settlers' Park, 9 x 12 pastel
Floating (2).jpg
from 30.00
Fall Birches.jpg
Fall Birches
from 30.00
Perched on Pilings, Pastel, 8 x 10.JPG
Perched on Pilings
from 30.00
Lightning (2).jpg
from 30.00
Leaving the Bear Behind.JPG
Leaving the Bear Behind
from 30.00
Enter, Pastel, 10 x 11.JPG
Enter, 10 x 11, Pastel
Sand Writing, copyright Linda Alice Dewey, 1995001.jpg
Sand Writing
from 32.00
M115 Sunset.jpg
Thanksgiving Weekend on M-115
from 30.00
October Glen, 16 x 20, Pastel.JPG
October Glen
from 30.00
Charlie, Pastel, 5 x 5.JPG
Puppy in Petunias
from 10.00
Breath of Autumn Sm.jpg
Breath of Autumn
from 32.00
Solo Flight 2016.JPG
Solo Flight, 24 x 36, Oil, Framed
A Walk to the Lighthouse, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1993001 (2).jpg
A Walk to the Lighthouse
from 30.00
Striped Fields 2.jpg
Striped Fields, 7.5 x 9.5 pastel
Allison, copyright Linda Alice Dewey, 2001001.jpg
from 13.00
Anticipation 12 x 8.jpg
from 32.00
Arizona Fruit Stand, copyright Linda Alice Dewey 1995002.jpg
Arizona Fruit Stand
from 32.00
The Bear in Hibernation.JPG
The Bear in Hibernation, 18 x 24 Pastel
Blue Bug Under a Yellow Tree on Orange Blossom Street, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1998001.jpg
Blue Bug Under a Yellow Tree on Orange Blossom Street
from 32.00
Cottage View, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1993001.jpg
Cottage View
from 32.00
Creation c 1997 Linda Alice Dewey001.jpg
from 30.00
Winter Mist.jpg
Winter Mist, 11 x 14 Pastel
Early Spring at the Glen Haven Coast Guard Station.JPG
GLen Haven Coast Guard Station
from 32.00
Flowers by the Curb, copyright Linda Alice Dewey 1994 or 5001.jpg
Flowers by the Curb
from 32.00
Manitou Lighthouse, copyright Linda Alice Dewey 1995 or 96002.jpg
Manitou Lighthouse
from 32.00
Conception c 1997 Linda Alice Dewey001.jpg
from 30.00
Spectacular Sunset.JPG
Spectacular Sunset
from 30.00
Oleson Farm in Winter.jpg
Oleson Farm in Winter
from 30.00
Lake Michigan Moonlight cropped jpg003.jpg
Lake Michigan Moonlight
Michigan's West Coast.jpg
Michigan's West Coast
from 32.00
Opening Poppies 5 x 7 Pastel.JPG
Opening Poppies
from 13.00
Peace, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1994001.jpg
from 32.00
Safe Harbor.JPG
Safe Harbor
from 30.00
Three Sails, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey small file.jpg
Three sails
from 32.00
Sedona Walk - copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1995001.jpg
Sedona Walk
from 30.00
Summer Moods I, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1996002.jpg
Summer Moods
from 13.00
Wise Eyes.jpg
Wise Eyes
from 13.00
Red Roses by a Tin Shed, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1996001.jpg
Red Roses by a Tin Shed
from 30.00
Two Native Girls, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1999002.jpg
Two Native Girls
from 30.00
Roadside Rapture, copyright Linda Alice Dewey 1995.jpg
Roadside Rapture
from 30.00
The Koppens Kitchen - copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1996002.jpg
The Koppen's Kitchen
from 30.00
Sues Rose - copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1995001.jpg
Sue's Rose
from 13.00
Sleeping Bear Sunset, Pastel, copyright Linda Alice Dewey, small file,.jpg
Sleeping Bear Sunset
from 30.00
Swing n Squirrel, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 2000001.jpg
Swing 'n Squirrel
from 30.00
There to Love, Pastel, 5 x 7.JPG
There to Love
from 13.00
Basch Poppies, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1999001.jpg
Basch Poppies
from 30.00
Canoe, copyright  Linda Alice Dewey 1996002.jpg
from 32.00
Winter Whisper enhanced.jpg
Winter Whisper
from 30.00
Glen Heaven.jpg
Glen Heaven, 12 x 9 Pastel
Top Siders.jpg
Top Siders, 12 x 9 Pastel
First Snow on M-72.jpg
First Snow on M-72, 9 x 12, Pastel
Clearing Autumn Skies Sm.jpg
Clearing Autumn Skies
from 30.00
Glen Lake Grapes.jpg
Glen Lake Grapes
from 13.00